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Personal Saftey

Personal Safety is an important and necessary part of life now. Stay safe and protected with these items. Personal alarms, tactical pens, safety lights, child safety, automotive safety kits, drink detectors, personal protection, SafeFamilyLife kits, animal repellents, instructional fighting DVDs, tactical steel batons, and more!

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Home And Business

Home and Business Protection used to be limited to hardwired security systems with monthly monitoring plans. And while such security systems are still available, the world of home and business protection has greatly expanded in the last several decades.

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Pepper Sprays

Pepper spray can be an invaluable personal safety item to anyone who is out and about. Moreover, it is for personal defense and is legal in all 50 states! We carry Mace Products of all kinds. From your standard pepper sprays to gels and foams. Get yours Today!

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Survival Gear


Survivalists have been among us since the dawn of humanity. However, survivalism really came into its own as a marketable enterprise with the Y2K scare nearly 20 years ago. The market is still alive and well today, which is why ISurety is so pleased to offer them to you!

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For The Ladies

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