Drawing of a spy

Are You a Spy?

Spy Camera, Bug Detectors, Audio Recorders and more! It all sounds so 007 but it is a reality and we have it all.

Hidden Spy Cameras are very easy to capture video evidence for court, nanny camera, or recording live sports. ISurety has hidden spy cameras with built-in DVRs and body worn hidden spy cameras. From calculators and smoke detectors to sunglasses and necklaces. Take a look at all there is to offer in hidden spy cameras!

Spy Camera Calculator

A bug detector is great for detecting any kind of wireless audio or video product because of the way it works. All those wireless products emit energy via the frequencies they use to transmit data. That energy can be detected by a bug detector in the same way a radio picks up FM signals. It is no more complicated than that.

Anyone using a hand-held bug detector can completely sweep a room in a matter of minutes. Just by walking around the room and placing the detector in various locations where listening devices or video cameras might be planted, the user can zero in on any such devices until they are eventually uncovered.

Audio Bug Detector

Audio recorders are great for college students or writers who need to dictate notes and ideas too!

Isurety offers a digital voice/phone recorder product capable of recording live conversations taking place within a room or over the telephone.

Surveillance is not just limited to video. Any kind of data that can be used to protect oneself from criminal or otherwise unscrupulous activity falls under the broad category of surveillance.

Audio Recorder

So you see, if you are in the police force, a detective, a parent, or student, these items are for everyone. Take a look and see, are you the next 007??