Can/Diversion Safes

The can diversion safe is designed to look like the real deal. If you were to put this diversion safe right beside a real can, they would look the same. All of the colors, labels and size of the cans would be identical. Even people familiar with the product would find it hard to distinguish the real thing from the disguised can safe.

Of course, safe stash cans would not work well if they only looked like the real counterpart. They need to feel like the real deal as well in case a burglar gets curious and decides to give the can a closer look. In order to pass this, the diversion can safe has been given extra weight to feel as heavy as an unopened can.

So, it looks like the real deal, and it feels as heavy as the real deal. However, a covert home safe like this would fail if the secret compartment was too obvious. Luckily, it is well hidden, and only you will know where the can’s secret space is and how it is opened!

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