Dummy Cameras

ISurety’s selection of surveillance and home security equipment is not limited to just residential surveillance systems. We offer a number of other great products as well, including dummy cameras.

We are frequently asked whether the dummy (or fake) security cameras we sell actually work. Yes, they do. Remember that the key to the success of any home surveillance or alarm system is deterrence. Simply put, no piece of security equipment is going to keep out someone who is bound and determined to get in. But home surveillance and alarms work because they plant a seed of doubt in the criminal’s mind.

Criminals are essentially cowards who will do everything they can to avoid being caught. If a burglar even suspects he or she is being surveilled by video cameras, he/she’s going to second-guess his/her decision to enter that property. The burglar will be deterred from the original plans out of fear of being caught. As far as fake security cameras go, the burglar has no idea whether the camera he/she’s looking at is real.

Our dummy security cameras are meticulously designed to look exactly like the real thing. The only way a burglar could determine that your camera is not real would be to rip it down and open it up. And no criminal is going to take that chance.

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