Surveillance Systems

The easiest way for people to get security for the home or office is to get complete surveillance systems; already put together with the best components.

This includes security for their vehicle: the dash camera system and the rear view mirror camera system.

The quality is high, but the price is low.

Below are some questions that people have had:

Question: At what resolution do the cameras and DVR operate?

Answer: This system’s DVR recorder and cameras all have high definition digital technology to capture every detail of the video!

Question: Does it have audio on each camera?

Answer: NO, the DVR has the capability to record audio with a separate microphone.

Question: Is this a wireless system or does it need cables to record?

Answer: This high def recording system needs video cables, and it comes with HD plug and play 100 foot video cables.

Question: What else does this system contain?

Answer: Aside from the DVR & cameras, this HD surveillance system also contains hard drives, video cables, power adapters.

Question: Do the cameras have steel cases?

Answer: Yes! All the system’s cameras are indoor/outdoor cameras and have a metal housing.

Question: What types of cameras are there?

Answer: The high-definition security systems use PTZ, Bullet, dome and hidden cameras.

Question: Can I buy extra cameras with this package?

Answer: There is no need to buy extra cameras. Three packages are available on our website, one with 4 cameras (2 dome & 2 bullet) , or 8 (4 dome, 4 bullet), or 16 (8 dome, 8 bullet) – all high def.

Question: What is the maximum resolution possible with the included cameras?

Answer: All the systems’ included cameras are fully high-definition dome & bullet cameras with a 1080p (1920x1080p) resolution!

Question: Does this surveillance system have remote access?

Answer: Certainly, yes! This surveillance system has remote network access plus other easy backup on USB devices & client software.

Question: This video system has what kind of video recorder?

Answer: Truly, this video recording system has a high definition DVR with a hard drive (plus SATA, ESATA, USB, RJ45)!

Question: Do the cameras capture footage or live video?

Answer: The cameras capture live video. The DVR records the live video and stores it for viewing playback of the live video.

Question: What is the video output?

Answer: This security system has 2 video outputs: HDMI and VGA.

Question: How can you view the videos?

Answer: You can use Internet-enabled device, like a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smart phone, to view footage as well as live feeds from the cameras via a TV or monitor.

Question: Do the cameras have varifocal lenses?

Answer: Yes and No, this video system’s dome cameras are a fixed lens. The systems bullet cameras have a varifocal 2.8-12mm lens.

Question: Is there a junction box available?

Answer: Unfortunately, this security system doesn’t come with a junction box.

Question: Can you have multiple stations set up to monitor the system with live view of all cameras?

Answer: Yes, definitely! Since this system has 2 video outputs, VGA & HDMI, you may use an HDMI splinter for your multiple stations.

Question: Could I use an HDMI cable to connect this system to an HD TV?

Answer: This surveillance system doesn’t come with an HDMI cable, but it’s recommend you get one to connect its HD DVR to either an HD TV or HD monitor using such a cable.

Question: Do the cameras have a mic?

Answer: Unfortunately not, this system’s cameras does not have microphones. The DVR does have an audio input/out so you can provide a mic!

Question: Is the footage viewable on the local network?

Answer: You can view footage & live feeds on the DVR, your local network internally, or over the internet.

Question: What are the recording and viewing resolutions?

Answer: Both the recording and viewing resolutions are HD 1080p (1920x1080p)! Recording is at 15 frames per second while viewing is live!

Question: Can the hard drives be upgraded easily?

Answer: Totally, yes! The user can easily replace or upgrade the hard drives.

Question: Does the DVR have motion detection?

Answer: Yes, for sure, this system’s DVR has motion detection. It may record only when movement is detected in the camera’s field of view!

Question: Are the dome cameras PTZ?

Answer: No, the system’s dome cameras aren’t PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) but fixed. You can adjust them manually during installation to the fixed position you desire, but they are not motorized!

Question: How are the bullet cameras different from the dome cameras?

Answer: The basic differences are the viewing angle’s lens sizes! Domes have a wider viewing angle yet shorter range. Bullets have a narrower viewing angle yet longer range.

Question: How does the DVR input videos?

Answer: This security system’s DVR’s video inputs are 4 BNC connections.

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