Fire Starter

The fire starter is a basic piece of survival gear that every survivalist should have. As such, we offer our customers access to fire starters at fantastic prices.

Even with solar products and the conveniences they offer, survivalists still have to be able to get back to basics. And when there’s no power or fuel, nothing is more basic than fire. We carry fire starters for that very reason. Any survivalist who purchases from us will be happy to have access to a high-quality fire starter kit.

A good fire starter begins with a flint striker. A flint striker is the tool you need to generate the spark that will start your fire. Our best-selling fire starter does include a flint striker, but it goes a step further. It also has a built-in compartment for storing tinder, lint, or another fuel for combustion. It offers a built-in compass and a few ‘cheat codes’ relating to well-known hand signals and Morse code.

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